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Star Courses

These are short courses available to year 11, 12 and 13 students..
Courses are mainly available during the term holidays.
Most courses offer students NCEA credits.
All courses offer a chance to try out possible career pathways.
Fully funded by the school's STAR budget.

See STAR notice board and or Mrs Suzann Kreft, Mrs Ella Bold or 
Mrs Jenni Catley

Learner Support Co-ordinator: Mrs Suzann Kreft

Learner Support

- Catering for the Learner's needs
- Individualised Learning Plans
- Assistive Technology - netbooks, laptops, dictaphones  
  (devices to support learning)

Teacher Aide Team
Mrs Shelley McGeorge
Mrs Adrianne Reddy
Mrs Ella Bold
Year 7 - 10     

Teacher Aides in classes working 1:1 and in small differentiated groups
Enhance Learning Skills (ELS) Year 7 - 9: Special Assessment support: such as Reader/Writer/separate accommodation/Laptop

Co-Lab learning Centre
Starts in the Food Tech room then break out for study, homework and tutoring. Wednesday 3:15 - 4:30pm 

Peer Tutoring
Is available through Co-Lab and Marist Co-Lab Facebook page 

ELS - Enhance Learning Skills/Support

This support is available at Year 7, 8, 9
  • Literacy support is the focus
  • Suzann Kreft

Special Assistance Conditions (SAC)

On identification: support may be available as Reader/Writer/Separate Accommodation/Use of Computer. Suzann Kreft HOD Enhance co-ordinates this support.

Year 11 - 13
Special Assistance Conditions (SAC) for NCEA Assessments

Personal Development Programme

Available at Year 11, 12, 13. SPEC (South Pacific Educational Courses) with the focus being personal on Key Competency development:

T R U M P. Task Planning, Evidence gathering, Task reviewing.

NCEA credits are available throughout the programme.