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You may never have an issue/problem/concern at Marist College, but if you do how will you get help for yourself or others?

See Classroom Teacher, catch up with notes/handouts. If you have a problem, staying away from school is not a solution.

Zero tolerance at Marist College. Tell a staff member immediately.

Careers/Subject Choice
See Ms Brown, or subject Curriculum Leader, or Mrs Adams.

Damage to School Property
Report to the office immediately or a staff member on duty.

- Peer mediator
- Buddy
- Whanau Teacher
- Dean
- Counsellor
- Classroom Teacher

- Peer tutor
- Homework Centre
- Subject teacher
- Senior student
- Dean

- Senior student
- Big sister
- Whanau teacher
- Office
- Any teacher

Lost Property
Contact the office immediately.

- Subject teacher
- Mrs Menezes
- Mrs Adams
- Curriculum Leader

- Dean
- Deputy Principal
Serious Personal Issues
- Counsellor
- Dean
- Public Health Nurse
- Mrs Dale

Stolen Items
Advise the office or Mrs Dale immediately when theft is discovered.

Subject/Classroom Concerns
- Subject teacher
- Curriculum Leader
- Year Level Deans
- Mrs Adams

Inappropriate Use of Text Messaging, Social Media, Internet
Zero tolerance as for bullying - tell a staff member immediately.