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Homestay Hosting

Hosting an International Student

Marist College is always happy to hear from caring families who wish to host one of our school’s International Students. Ideally we aim for our students to live within the local Mt Albert community and walk to school, however living in Central or West Auckland and being able to commute to and from school using one of our school buses is suitable too.

We have a number of International Students, either on a short term English Language experience or studying as a long term student, at our school who will need accommodation throughout the year.  Their stays can range from two weeks, to a term or a full year.   

Please see the Hosting Opportunities for further information. As a homestay host you would be expected to provide each student with a clean and warm room with the following:   

  • Comfortable bed 
  • Desk and chair 
  • Good lighting 
  • Heating in room 
  • Enough drawer/wardrobe space for belongings 
  • Access to clean toilet and bathroom 
  • Access to a laundry facilities 
  • Three nutritious meals per day 
  • Reasonable access to internet (Wifi) 

As part of the homestay placement process we have to police vet all homestay hosts over 18 years old and we will have to visit your home and meet you before placing a student.  

If you would like to become a Marist College Homestay Host, please complete the Homestay Application and Homestay Agreement on our website, then email to [email protected]

If you or have any queries please contact us on phone 846 8311 x731. Please also feel free to pass this information onto other families who may be interested in becoming a Marist Homestay Host.

Homestay Hosting
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Homestay Hosting
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