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International Student Stories

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Weichen Zhang (Vivian)                      Click for more...

A Year 13 student at Marist College in 2016. Beijing is my home town where I was born and raised, and now I’ve already been in New Zealand for almost 3 years. 

我目前在Marist College就读高三,我来自北京,现在来新西兰已有近三年。当初踏入这个全新的国土,我的确经历了一段富有挑战的时光。

Honoka Fujita – Japan                           Click for more...

I came to New Zealand in January, 2016. I really like Marist College because all students and teachers are nice. Marist College has a family spirit, so they are caring each other like a real big family. That is surprising for me because I have never experienced these school in Japan. 

私は、Marist Collegeに約1年間在籍しています。この学校は、人数が少なく、国際生が非常に少ないと聞いていたので始めはすごく不安でした。しかし、私のホストシスターがMarist Collegeの生徒で同学年であったこともあり、今ではたくさんの素敵な友達と生活しています。

Evelyn (Jiaying) Liao                                  Click for more...

The time when I first came to Marist, I was so impressed by the beautiful campus and the enjoyable environment. 


Nagisa Nakamura                                      
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Marist girls are friendly and the teachers are kind.