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Curriculum Music

The Junior Music programme is taught for one term for Years 7 and 8, two terms for Year 9 and a full year for Year 10 as an option subject. We aim to establish and grow a strong passion for music through listening and performing skills, musical technology aptitude, understanding of taonga pūoro and basic musical literacy. 
  • In Year 7 the students explore the difference of music elements though listening, study the time values of the notes through rhythmic games, and learn to perform on ukulele.    
  • In Year 8 the students learn how to play the guitar, and learn staff notation on the treble clef. They also spend time exploring the instruments of the orchestra.
  • In Year 9, the students learn about the tikanga of Taonga Pūoro through creation and playing of koauau, ukutangi and tumutumu. They also develop group performance skills through the band programme and focus on one of the following instruments – guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard or voice. Students develop their use of musical technology (DAW) and composition.
  • The Year 10 music programme aims to continue and further develop the students’ skills in performance, composition, Taonga Pūoro and musical literacy. It is tailored for individual needs and recognizes different levels of abilities. Students not yet playing an instrument will be enrolled in the Itinerant music programme. The full-year course develops the necessary entry skills recommended for the NCEA Level 1 Music.
  • The Years 11 – 13 music programme is delivered in full-year courses following the requirements of NCEA Music, Level 1 -3. The students continue to master their performing skills and carry on their study in more complex musical literacy, composition and the building blocks of a range of musical genres. Student learning covers all strands of the curriculum, however individual students can select assessment tasks based on their strengths.

Itinerant Music Programme

Marist College offers group and individual (seniors only) music lessons taught by highly trained teachers and professional musicians. All students go out of class for their 30 minute lesson once a week. They can study more than one of the following instruments: 
  • Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Violoncello, 
    Guitar, Voice, Drums 
Application Form
Itinerant Music Application form 2022

Extra-curricular Groups

  • Confortare Per Mariam Choir (Years 7-13 SATB Choir – joint with St Paul’s College, auditioned)
  • Stella Belles Choir (Years 7-13 SSA Choir, no audition)
  • Marist Jazz Band 
  • Liturgical (Mass) band
  • 2022 – Marist String Ensemble
  • 2022 – Marist Wind Ensemble
  • School production - Band, cast and crew – (Years 7-13 - Joint with St Peter’s College, auditioned)
  • Pop/Rock/Indie bands
Every year the students participate in the one or more of the following: The Kids Sing, The Big Sing, KBB Music festival, Rock Quest, Play it Strange, the Marist Singing cup competition, Prize giving ceremonies, Visual Arts showcase performances and other charity and community events and workshops.