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2019 Senior Award Winners

Top Honours

  • Dux - Isabelle Burr
  • Proxime Accessit - Cate Campbell
  • Chavoin Award - Lucy Goodwin
  • Courtesy Cup - Tessa Saju

Senior Special Awards

  • Madeleine Anderson-Hodge, Head Girl Award
  • Allebina Pailate, Year 11 Service to Liturgy
  • Ariana Happy, Dedication to Environmental Initiative Award
  • Billie Judd, Helen McEwen Cup for Stewardshp
  • Cate Campbell, The Noeleen Taylor Cup for Contribution to the Student Council 
  • Elisha Dourado, The Tamara Pinto Cup for Student Representative on the Board of Trustees 
  • Harriet Ashton Shepherd, Outstanding Service to the Library, The Hannah van Crasbeek Cup for Perseverance 
  • Kate Davenport, Year 12 Service to Liturgy
  • Marcella McGillivray, Outstanding Service and Leadership in Liturgy 2019
  • Sabina Aquino, Monica Johnson Cup for Academic Leadership
  • Sally Solomona, Sportswoman of the Year 
  • Samantha Hutchinson, Senior Management Cup for Outstanding Service to the School Community
  • Shyla Lundon, The Mason Whanau Taonga for Outstanding Contribution to Te Ao Maori
  • Sylvia Pailate, Trophy for Contribution to Culture, Trophy for Contribution to Pasifika
  • Sylvie Pease, Cup for Distinction in the Performing Arts
  • Tessa Saju, The Pinto Award for Service to Liturgy
  • Veronica O’Donnell, Year 13 Service to Liturgy
  • Xinyi Wang, The Inomata Cup for an International Student Celebrating School Spirit
  • Yohanna D’Costa, Bergin Scanlan Cup for Commitment for Social Action