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2018 Junior Special Award Winners

Year 7

  • Lucia Butler  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Lauren Carpio  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Kate Dallow  Year 7 & 8 Dance Performance Trophy, Intermediate Singing Cup   
  • Brianna Gregan  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Riley McMahon  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Ivory-Joan Peauvasa Dean's Special Character

Year 8

  • Sophie Helliwell  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Beryl Larsen  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Samantha McMurray  Dean's Award for Diligence
  • Alyssa Nand  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Olivia Skinner  Dean's Special Character

Year 9

  • Isabelle Doherty-Jones  Dedication to Choir Cup
  • Holly Fowler  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Cara Margison  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Amy Petau-Ah Poe  Dean's Award for Diligence
  • Matariki Wikaire  Junior Speech and Drama Cup, Dean's Award for Diligence, Excellence in Nga Manu
  • Maranita  Wulf-Meafua  Dean's Special Character

Year 10

  • Madeline Atkinson  French Oral Cup   
  • Lucy Barnes  Elizabeth Michael Award for Art Design 
  • Isabella Boswell   Junior Creativity in Design Cup
  • Kaiya Brown  Junior Swimming Champion   
  • Olivia Burgess  Junior Music Cup   
  • Grace Chan  Dean's Award for Diligence   
  • Lily  Crawford  Dean's Award for Diligence 
  • Giovana Gaugau  Faith in Action   
  • Yohanna Gulliver-Birkett  Junior Physical Education and Health Cup   
  • Elena Inder  Lumino Award   
  • Talia Jeffery  Junior Resilience Cup   
  • Carmelite Lemi  Dean's Special Character   
  • Chloe Lim  Academic Excellence Cup   
  • Shonelle Masilamani  Lumino Award   
  • Jayda Matara  Dean's Award for Diligence
  • Lily McGrath  French Oral Cup   
  • Sarah Rutherford  Junior Resilience Cup, Dean's Award for Diligence 
  • Lisandra Solis   Marist Sisters' Endowment Award, Contribution to Performing Arts, Junior Drama Cup, Junior Singing Cup, Showdown Awards Best Female Minor Role in a Musical   
  • Sally Solomona  Junior High Achievement in Multiple Sports   
  • Rachel Suesue  Junior Athletics Champion 
  • Genelle Ventura  Chinese Oral Cup