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Mahia i runga i te rangimaarie me te ngakaau maahaki.

With a peaceful mind and a respectful heart we will always get the best results.

Whakatauki, Māori Proverb

Student Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and community is a top priority.

Wellness Room (Nurse and First Aid)
  • First Aid will be at the Main Office between 8am - 9am and 3pm - 4pm. 
  • First Aid will be at the Wellbeing Centre (Nurse) between 9am - 3pm. 
  • If a student needs to be collected from the Wellness Room they must follow this process:
    -  Parents/Caregivers need to go to the office to collect their daughter.
    -  When they arrive at the office, the office staff will advise the parent/caregiver on how to collect their daughter and the signing out process.
  • If a student is Year 10 or under she must be collected from school. She cannot travel home alone.
Physiotherapy Clinic

At Marist College the care and development of the whole person is central to our philosophy. Therefore, the love and care of each other is the responsibility of every student and adult, part of our community. 

Our Physiotherapist, Miriam Margison, is located in the Hauora Wellness Centre. You can contact Miriam by email on [email protected] or by phone on  021 281 3332. 

Online bookings are available for physiotherapy sessions through this link https://miriamsphysio.setmore.com

Consent and ACC forms to be filled out prior to initial appointment. Forms are always available from the clinic waiting room and can be delivered to the drop box on Miriam's door. Parents will be notified by Miriam if your daughter is 14 years old or younger and has attended the clinic for treatment. Parents are welcome to book their child in for treatment using the online booking system.

All treatment is FREE to students and staff provided ACC has agreed to cover the injury. Private patients $25 per visit (non ACC funded treatment).  Students will attend a 20min initial appointment and then follow up appointments as deemed necessary. They will be encouraged to vary the classes they miss and to use break times to make appointments.  

Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 3pm, except Tuesdays: 8am - 1pm

Also Strapping, Rehab & Acute Care clinic is open 8 - 8:30am every morning and at Break 2 every Wednesday & Friday for all acute injuries and those who haven't been able to book an appointment online. No appointment necessary!   

Guidance Counselling

The philosophy of the Guidance Counsellor is to listen to and support students so that they are able to learn and develop fully. All students may access this service through a self-referral process via email or directly at the Guidance Counsellor’s room. Looking out for the wellbeing of all students, Deans and whanau may also make student referrals to the Guidance Counsellor. When necessary, families may be supported to access specialised expertise of external agencies.  

Guidance Counselling is private and confidential. The exception to this is in instances of serious harm to self and/or others where a Code of Ethics requires that further support is accessed. Students are informed of this expectation.    

Online bookings are available for our Counsellors through the link below:


Support Agencies - A guide for Parents, Caregivers and Families/Whanau

During School hours contact Ms Louise Gaines for further agency contacts:
[email protected]